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“Once again with my brothers... as we were together then... we are together now...”

News Letter Archives
                2011 Shoulder to Shoulder Newsletters

February Newsletter:  sts_feb_2011_online-1.pdf

December Newsletter:  sts_dec_2011_online-1.pdf

                2012 Shoulder to Shoulder Newsletters

August Newsletter :   sts_aug_2012-1-(1).pdf

                 2013 Shoulder to Shoulder Newsletters
August Newsletter: sts_aug_2013-1.pdf

                 2014 Shoulder to Shoulder Newsletters

 July Newsletter:   STS-July-2014-(1).pdf

 August Newsletter: sts_aug_2014-(1).PDF

September Newsletter: sts_sep_2014(1)-1.pdf

October Newsletter sts_oct_2014.pdf

November Newsletter   sts_nov_2014.pdf

                 2015 Shoulder to Shoulder Newsletters

January Newsletter:       sts_jan_2015-1.pdf

February Newsletter:     sts_feb_2015-1-(1).pdf                   

March Newsletter:          sts_mar_2015-1.pdf

April Newsletter:             sts_April_-2015.pdf 

May Newsletter:              sts_May_2015-(3).pdf

June Newsletter:            sts_June_2015.pdf

 July Newsletter:              sts_July_2015.pdf

 August Newsletter:        sts_August-2015.pdf 

September Newsletter:  STS_SEPTEMBER-2015.pdf

October Newsletter:       sts_October_2015.pdf

November Newsletter:  sts_Nov_2015-(2).pdf

December Newsletter:  STS_DEC-2015-(8).pdf

                 2016 Shoulder to Shoulder Newsletters

January Newsletter :     sts_JAN-2016.pdf

February Newsletter:    sts_Feb_2016.pdf

March Newsletter:        STS_March-2016.pdf

April Newsletter:      APRIL-2016-FINAL-EDITION-(2).pdf

May Newsletter:       MAY-2016-STS.pdf

June Newsletter:      JUNE-2016-STS-(3).pdf

July Newsletter:       STS-July-2016-(2).pdf

August Newsletter: sts_AUGUST-2016-(10).pdf

September Newsletter: sts_September-2016-(5).pdf

October Newsletter: sts_October-2016.pdf

November Newsletter: sts_November-2016

December Newsletter: sts_December2016

2017 Shoulder To Shoulder Newsletters

January Newsletter: STS_January-2017-(1).pdf

February Newsletter: STS_Feb-2017-(2).pdf

March Newsletter:  sts_March-2017-(2).pdf

April Newsletter:    sts_April_2017-(1).pdf

May Newsletter:    MAY-2017-STS-(1).pdf

June Newsletter:   sts_JUNE-2017-(1).pdf

July Newsletter:   sts_JULY-2017.pdf

August Newsletter:  STS_AUGUST-2017.pdf

September Newsletter: STS_September-2017.pdf

October Newsletter:  STS_Oct-2017.pdf 

November Newsletter: STS_NOVEMBER-2017.pdf

2018 Shoulder To Shoulder Newsletters

January Newsletter:   STS_January-2018.pdf

February Newsletter: STS_Feb-2018.pdf

March Newsletter: STS_March-_2018-(7).pdf

April Newsletter: STS_APRIL-2018.pdf

May Newsletter:   

June Newsletter:  STS_June_2018.pdf

July Newsletter:  STS_July  2018.pdf

November Newsletter: STS_November_2018.pdf

019 Shoulder To Shoulder Newsletters

January Newsletter:   STS_January-2019.pdf

February Newsletter:

March Newsletter:  STS_March-2019.pdf

May Newsletter: STS_May2019.pdf

June Newletter: STS_June2019.pdf

July Newsletter:  sts_July-2019-(1).pdf

August Newsletter:  STS_Aug2019.pdf

September Newsletter: STS_September-2019.pdf

October Newsletter:   STS_Oct_2019.pdf

November Newsletter: STS_November-2019.pdf

2020 Shoulder To Shoulder Newsletters

January Newsletter:  STS_January-2020-(1).pdf

February Newsletter:   sts_February-2020.pdf

March Newsletter: sts_March-2020.pdf

April Newsletter: STS_April-2020.pdf

June Newsletter: sts_June-2020.pdf

July Newsletter: sts_July-2020.pdf

August Newsletter: Sts_August_2020.pdf

September Newsletter: Sts_September_2020.pdf




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